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Matthew Barrientos

Period 4

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[redacted] was born in an unknown place. His name also isn't known. All we know is that he was born and then put into an orphanage.
He quickly became the leader of the kids after bribing them all. Everyone respected him, which he knew, but he didn't let that cloud his judgement.
He cared for the kids, and the cared for him. And because of this, he remained in the orphanage until he turned 18, in which case he had to leave.
Once he left, he decided to still help people but he didn't want to be a hero, so he became a vigilantee.

[redacted] never came up with a name, he saw no need for it. The only thing he did to hide his identity was put on a mask.
He also didn't want to just be a creepy guy with a mask (*cough* Dream *cough*), so he purchased a fake boom stick for intimidation. It worked.
And so, he lives a normal life (he doesn't have a job currently) and helps people out when he gets the chance. He doesn't go full Batman, because he still wants to live normally.